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Cape Kennedy

The brown hills of Haiti

The van

We left Atlanta around 11:30 in the middle of a cold drizzle. We finally got above the clouds and then flew down the coast of Florida. We saw Cape Kennedy through the clouds, then a variety of Caribbean islands. The flight wasn't too crowded so was fairy comfortable.

Arriving in Port-au-Prince around 3:00 we went through Passport control then in to customs. At customs things got complex. Lots of people offering "help" to carry the bags - and we had a bunch. Of the eleven folks we all had two carry ons and two fifty pounds bags of supplies. We gathered ten carts and got through customs with out any problems (which was a surprise) then into the 90 degree heat with many folks following to offer help. We had two drivers and Vanessa (the woman who is in Haiti full time) trying to load the bags and us.

We finally headed out after a couple arguments and stopped for gas. Then off to Gonaives on the national highway.

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