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Part of the fun in travel is the planning. The planning, when done in the company of good friends, can be hilarious.

Thankfully, most of that type of planning never comes to be a reality.

Marilyn & I enjoy planning our trips almost as much as taking the trip itself. The planning triggers great bouts of anticipation.

That anticipation sometimes increases the hilarity, when friends are involved.

Any time a group of friends get together with good food and drink, fun is sure to be a huge part of the experience.

I used to go winter camping with a group of close friends. We did this every year for awhile, heading out to the woods to sleep outdoors overnight.

This usually happened between Christmas and New Years.

The planning was highlighted by laughter and foolish suggestions.

In fact, the people around the small town where we lived sort of looked forward to hearing about our adventure and the lady who owned one of the restaurants in town used to bake us a pie or two, just for the trip.

One person showed interest in going along, but chose not to join us. He did choose to visit us at the campsite, but he never returned after that first visit.

We even offered him a steaming hot bowl of homemade soup to make him feel welcome, but he didn’t appreciate the “not so small” plastic bug we had placed in the bottom of the bowl. Actually it was a toy spider but was large enough that the legs were hanging over the edges of the spoon when he noticed it.

He was still mumbling something under his breath when he left.

One of the guys in our little group volunteered to fix pancakes for our breakfast but he didn’t think it was funny when we chose to use them for target practice instead of eating them. Well what else would you do with them when the ammo from our pellet gun bounced off without penetrating the crust?

The next year, he offered to furnish corn bread to go with the ham & bean soup I was fixing. When the time came to eat, he slammed a box of Jiffy Cornbread Mix, down on a rock and said “There’s your cornbread”.

Guess he was determined not to expose himself to the ridicule of fixing food we use for target practice.

I have many stories to share about these adventures like a mattress we named “Betsy”, which deflated during the night and the resulting conversation, but perhaps that is best saved for another time.

Laughter is one of those things which enriches our lives for sure, and that is why we say with a smile, Life is Good!

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