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Today's route

View from Winnie's door at RVacation

View along I95

Paul Bunyan and Babe help to sell log homes in NC

Not sure if he drove off the road last night or this...

One voter glad there was a new Representative for his district

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep..."

Holly in the woods

CCC built water tower in Prince William Forest Park

What you see when you look down

Baseball field waiting for spring

Winnie at Prince William Forest RV Campground

Dixie Bones

Tonight's dinner

When we got up this morning it was clear we were on the rain/sleet side of the snow storm. It rained last night and snowed a little later. The ground was mostly slush this morning. We decided to push on north. I was worried that we might run into some ice on the roads, but by the time we left RV Vacationland, the traffic on I95 had dried out the travel lanes pretty much. As we traveled north you could see that there was a band of freezing rain that had coated the trees and by the time we neared the Virginia border there was a band of snow that looked like 3-5 in. or so. The roadway in Virginia turned wet as we occasionally ran into light snow showers up until about Richmond. By the time we arrived at the Prince William Forest RV Campground it looked like the sun might break through.

The campground is in Prince William Forest Park that is administered by the National Park Service. It was opened in 1936 as the Chopawamsic Recreation Area to house children's 'relief' camps during the Great Depression, a chance for underprivilidged children from Washington, DC to enjoy crafts, nature walks, swimming, and other activities for a few weeks. The park was developed by the Civilian Conservation Corp between 1936 and 1942. The park was then used by the Office of Strategic Services between 1942 and 1945 to train thousands of men to fight the clandestine war in WWII. It was renamed Prince William Forest Park in 1948.

We got in before dark so I took a short walk into the park to do a little photography. Lots of snow in the woods. While I was walking down one of the roads I slipped on some ice that was hiding under the snow. I fell on my butt and dropped the camera and tripod. No serious damage to me or the camera that I could see.

When I got back to Winnie, it was time to get dinner. Since we were only 12 miles from my favorite BBQ joint, Dixie Bones, I made the trip to pick up some take out Q. Some of you have complained that this trip didn't have many food pictures so I included one of our dinner - pulled pork, pulled chicken, brisket, slaw, mac and cheese, collards, beans and rice, and corn bread. We're stuffed.

We're getting near the end of this trip. Tomorrow we'll be either home or stopping off to visit Kyle, Annie, and Finn. Kyle and Annie have been battling an intestinal bug for the last week that had Annie visiting the ER a couple of times for dehydration and other effects of the bug. We may stay for a couple of days to give them a break. Stay tuned.

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