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Sarah, Amar, and Kate at the Summerdale Diner

We finally got approval on our claim from the insurance company! Yesterday I called and the agent said the approval came through Monday. Why she hadn't called us or the repair shop to let us know it was approved is another story, but at least all the parts are ordered now, and repairs can begin soon.

The other night we went to the Summerdale Diner, one of our favorite places to eat. Our waitress, Sarah, seemed a little unsure of herself and we later learned from the manager, her older cousin, that this was her first job and we were her first ever customers. She was just as sweet as can be and we encouraged her by telling her what a good job she was doing. After we paid the bill, the manager stopped by and said that Sarah wanted him to take a picture of us with her! I'm sure that she has posted the picture on her facebook page for all her friends to see her with her first customers!

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