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Just to fill in those who are looking for more information, South Togo, West Africa is the location we will be traveling to after completing our internship in Zimbabwe and sending our Cedarville team members back to the US. This part of our trip is totally separate from the internship through Cedarville and we have initiated this part of the trip to capitalize on being in Africa while we are. The main goal of traveling to Togo for an additional week or so is to get a feel for ABWE (see link in note #2) in their two separate hospitals and how they run African medical missions in comparison to TEAM. We are excited about the opportunity to learn and study under both sets of missionaries and the main goal of this portion of the trip is to get a broad feel for how the Lord is moving in Africa and influence our prayer and decision making as we look ahead to planning for graduate school and beyond.

This entry is to mainly focus on the first hospital location in South Togo. There is a new hospital opened just this year in the Northern portion of Togo (called Mango) and we will write about that location in a separate entry.

The hospital in South Togo was opened 1985, branching out from a school for the blind already established nearby. There is not a lot of online information about this hospital, but one of their main ministries and projects is a nursing school (similar to the school in Zimbabwe we will be partnering with). ABWE has sensed the growing need for more healthcare personnel to reach those in need of basic hygiene teaching and those admitted to the hospital. In order to enable the people to care for themselves, give a Togolese to Togolese platform for evangelism, and boost the overall surrounding economy, these nursing students are later able to become employees of the hospital or to be employed at other clinics in the area. This hospital location was the passion of a missionary doctor visiting Cedarville in January had his passions set and after speaking with us a few times was convinced not only did we need to visit this location, but that Justin ought to become a Nurse Anesthetist and Hannah a Family Nurse Practitioner to best fit in South Togo as long-term missionaries. Needless to say, we will need lots of prayer while we are here to see if this doctor is correct!

For more information about South Togo Click Here

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