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We made it to Bimini Sands Marina on South Bimini, Bahamas by 1330. We left the flat waters of Biscayne Bay by 0630, went around the southern end of Key Biscayne and into the Atlantic. At first the waters were pretty flat and the wind was light. As we got in the Gulf Stream, we encountered some nice rollers on our stern quarter. The wind was about 9-10 knots. J&B and Southern Yankee sailed for a few hours but then the wind died and the waves did also. Southerly motored all the way. But it was a good day. Once we got tied up in the marina, the guys went to immigration and customs and checked us in. While they did that, we girls grabbed a drink and walked to the new infinity pool. It is gorgeous. They guys are in the pool now and the girls are reading…or writing logs. When the guys got back to the boats and we all cleaned up, we went to J&B for cocktails. Then Judy, Bill, Fred and I went to dinner at the little restaurant here at the marina (Judy and I did not defrost anything for dinner…smart). Vicki and Brian ate on their boat since they had lovely steaks, bought yesterday in Miami and not frozen. I will post this and then it is time for bed.

The map is going to show Alice Town on North Bimini...I could not find the name of a town on South Bimini so I chose Alice Town. So the map is off a little bit...not much. We will go to Alice Town tomorrow (by ferry) to get our Bahamas phones.

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