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Our first pit stop on this cruise was Cozumel, Mexico. We had pre-booked onto the 'Cozumel Bar Hop Tour'after some research on Trip Advisor. Description of our tour: "The Cozumel Bar Hop welcomes you to beautiful Cozumel, Mexico and invites you to explore the “Wild Side” - a stunning stretch of secluded beaches and rustic cool beach bars on the East Side of the island!The Cozumel Bar Hop is THE thing to do in Cozumel if you want to party !Our air-conditioned "Party Bus" will take you across the island to the "Wild Side". A truly unique and undeveloped part of Cozumel, where we will stop at 4 gorgeous beach side bars, each welcoming us with a signature house shot! Our fun, friendly and qualified guides, have extensive experience working with Cozumel&s tourist industry and cruise ships and will be along for the ride to entertain, and answer any questions you have. The tour covers about 60km/40 miles and lasts approximately 5 hours..." While waiting for the bus, we took a little walk around the mall area there and a little way down the main road. The party bus greeted us and our fellow drinking companions with a t-shirt when we boarded and, as promised, took us off the beaten track to the other side of the island where there is no power. The guides were originally from Canada but, had lived in Cozumel almost their entire life. They were very knowledgable. The 'wild' side of the island was actually very peaceful with very few people actually staying there other than to go to work in the few restaurants/bars along the shoreline. A photographer was on hand to snap everyone's pics to buy later but, I stuck with our own photo shots :) This was a great way to see the less known side of Cozumel unless you are into renting a scooter and going it on your own.

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