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Feral Sun Flowers look a bit like Triffids







Edgeroi, looking from the gate up the driveway

Edgeroi, big storm clouds

Edgeroi, big storm clouds


this week's disaster

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Dorrigo (taken with the video camera)

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Dorrigo (taken with my smartphone)

Hello all,

I left Edgeroi yesterday at about 16:15 and arrived in Tamworth somewhere about 18:45. I decided to stay overnight there. I had been hoping to get to Armidale but it was too late and I didn't want to drive in the dark.

The previous day I plugged the van in to the 240 and turned the fridge on (it works on 240 but not 12-volt) and got it as cold as possible, then yesterday morning I put my stuff into the fridge and freezer along with two bags of ice, one in the freezer and one in the fridge. That has kept the fridge and freezer really cold.

So I left Armidale about 9am today and got to Coffs Harbour at about 15:30. I decided to stay in the North Coast Holiday Park and pulled in there and went into reception. I said "do you have a drive-through powered site for a 24-fooot caravan?" The girl referred to the computer and said "yes, you can have site 70". She gave me a map and off I went. Well what with cars illegally parked, trees and benches there was no way I could get into site 70. I rang her and told her that so she asked "where do you think you could get into?" So I wandered around and said "might get into 76, I'll ring you back when I have parked successfully". So I had then to back out of where I was which I managed ok then move down the row to site 76. I eventually got in having to park on the slab due to there being a bloody tree stopping me from parking beside it. I rang her and said "ok the van is on slab 76 and the car is beside slab 67." "Hmm" she said "not sure whether that's available but if you are only here for one night it should be ok". Huh?? "Well we are not that busy at the moment but I'll talk to the manager to make sure it's ok" Huh?? "If necessary you can unhook the car and park it beside the van". WTF?? "No, I don't want to do that, THAT'S WHY I ASKED FOR A DRIVE-THROUGH SITE". What is wrong with these people? This is the third time I have asked for a drive-through site for a 24-foot van and got something totally unsuitable. I don't care if she rings me and says I have to move or unhook, because I am doing neither.

Meanwhile I rang the fridge fixer guy and he is coming "sometime tomorrow". I'm just going to chill out with some champagne, Dan Murphy's is just across the road.

Then I opened the windows, installed the tv, etc, etc, went into the ensuite to open the vent over the shower and found that it has been smashed and has a large hole in it. Now I haven't driven under anything low enough to do that, so I wonder if it was a bird strike or something just fell on it as I was going past. With my luck it's probably the latter. So I'm booked in to have it replaced on Wednesday. Presumably that's my disaster for this week, although getting out of this "drive-through" site might be disaster number two.

I came through some incredibly beautiful country today, around Dorrigo and Bellingen and hope I can get back there to check it out fully. I took two movies of one particular place, one with the video camera and the other with my phone and I think the phone one is better, has better resolution and colour. I will have to read the book on the video camera (shock! horror!) and see if I can up the resolution a bit.

I have included a photo of some Sun Flowers. They grow all along the side of the roads around Narrabri. Terry says they are feral plants. Lots of sun flowers are grown around there and of course some seeds escape and take root on the roadside, but each generation gets smaller until they end up the size they were before they were made big, presumably by something like Monsanto who then get to sell new seeds every planting. Archetypal built-in obselescence.

Going back over some of my entries I saw that I spelled levee bank as levy bank. Don't know what my brain was doing that day, not enough bubbly I think, there was a day when I ran out, anyway fixed it now so all is right with the world.

I think that's all!

love to all


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