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Larry Hemeon Presenting Birthday Cake to Annette Dean

Julie Conquest Teaching Mapping Techniques

Bullock Museum - Group Photo in Rotunda

La Belle Exhibit - Nesting Brass Kettles, Colander and Ladle

La Belle Exhibit - Pewter Plates and Pewter Beaker Inscribed with ‘Jean...

La Belle Exhibit - Quern Stone Used to Grind Grain

La Belle Exhibit - Remains of La Belle Under Reconstruction

La Belle Exhibit - La Belle 1/12 Scale Model, 2014 – Based...

Third Floor Exhibits - Don Mahoney’s Cowboy Outfit, George H W Bush’s...


About mid-afternoon today I drove over to the Lone Star RV Resort in south Austin to visit with my friends in the Cen-Tex chapter of Loners on Wheels. We played table games or just sat around and caught up on everyone’s news until dinnertime. Our immediate past president, Annette Dean, provided a wonderful barbeque meal and some of the others brought desserts.


This morning most of the group went via a chartered van to the Bullock Texas State History Museum. Once there, we each did whatever most interested us. I went first to the Texas Spirit Theater to see the film, “Shipwrecked” which provided the background story on the ship, “La Belle”. It was one of Robert de La Salle’s four ships when he explored the Gulf of Mexico with the intention of starting a French colony at the mouth of the Mississippi River in1685. Due to an inaccurate map, he missed it and ended up in what is now called Matagorda Bay on the Texas coast. La Belle sank in the Bay during a vicious storm and the colonization attempt failed. In 1995 a team of state archeologists discovered its remains. The State of Texas launched a major excavation and recovered the entire shipwreck and over a million artifacts. The remains of La Belle are now at the Bullock Museum where it is being reassembled. Some of the artifacts are also on display. (

After the film, Annette, Lynda and I had an early lunch in the Story of Texas Café. After lunch, Annette and I went to the IMAX theater to see “Jerusalem 3D.” Preceding the film there was some background information on the three major religions to which Jerusalem is very important. It was very interesting.


Right after lunch, Julie Conquest, one of our newest members, presented a class on mapping techniques. Some types of mapping included our bucket lists, past trips and spaces (the floor plans of our RVs, for example). I did one illustrating three dream trips on my bucket list: (1) Traveling north of Texas all the way to Canada to visit Manitoba and Saskatchewan and then east across southern Canada to the Maritime Provinces; (2) Visiting all the state parks in Texas; and (3) Going to Alaska.

Julie teaches some classes at the University of Texas and is currently working on a project for her doctoral dissertation. She is documenting the RV lifestyle and wants to interview us as part of the project. She attends campouts and rallies during her breaks.

Later in the afternoon we had our regular business meeting (which we normally have on Friday afternoon). At the end of the meeting, we selected which of several restaurants in a nearby shopping center we preferred for dinner. Since there were 27 people this time, we split up. It would have been too difficult to find a place to seat that many together. Annette, Lynda and I chose the Crawfish Shack and Oyster Bar.

After the meeting we went to Mikail’s park model home in the Lone Star RV Resort for our happy hour. Then we caravanned to the restaurants.

I didn’t stay very long after we returned to the clubroom. It was good to see everyone again.

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