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Our site at Palm Creek RV Resort

Dave and Mary Jane's site.

Tim and Sue's site.

Nice entrance to the RV Resort.

Nice pool.

16 pickle ball courts

Professional baseball fields.

We enjoyed several hot games of shuffleboard.

Tim and Sue were on opposite teams for shuffleboard.

How do you like Ed's form?

Bike riding, one of the many activities we enjoyed.

The golf course was always busy.

The Ruins at Casa Grande.

Listening to the park ranger, trying to remember everything he was saying.

The Grande Casa.

Amazing what they were able to build back then.

Checking out the ruins.

The jumpers landed in this area right in front of us.

The shoots were so colorful.

This is one of the planes they loaded the jumpers in.

Here are a couple of the guys in Wing Suits.

After landing, they would bunch up their shoots and head for the...

The shoots were repacked after every jump.

Most of the jumpers had go-pro cameras on their helmets.

Dave, reading over all the disclaimers.

This was his training - watching a video!

This must be Dave.

Is this Dave?

Holding up his Certificate right after his jump. Still a little shaky.

Dave showing us his form as he jumped out of the plane....

Have you ever wondered where cities get their name? We spent a week in Casa Grande, Arizona and discovered the city got its name after a Spanish priest, Father Juan de Anza, discovered some abandoned Indian ruins nearby. The ruins appeared to be a compound which included multiple foundations, and an encircling wall as well as a “Great House” (Casa Grande). There is evidence of multiple irrigation systems built by the Indians, so it is assumed it was a farming community. The mystery is where did that civilization go? Still a mystery today. The modern city of Casa Grande is a growing desert community with over 50,000 people and that is without the winter visitors who flock to the area as the cold weather starts in the north.

We spent a week at Palm Creek RV Resort in Casa Grande and enjoyed all the amenities available in this luxury park. So many things to do there: swim, bike, golf, pickleball, softball, shuffleboard. We participated in a lot of the activities but there were many more we just didn’t have time for. The park has generous sites and lots of flowers and green spaces. It was quite a change from the State Parks we had just come from, and we enjoyed the change. We had a good time shopping, playing, and eating. The only downer was Mary Jane’s mother died and she flew back to Michigan to be with her family. We all felt bad for her and are anxious for her return.

We took a day trip to Eloy, Arizona and spent the afternoon watching the skydivers jump out of planes and land on a “football field” right in front of us. We were there on the holiday weekend and there were 3500 jumps that day. It was awesome to see all the colorful shoots floating down in front of us with both single and tandem jumpers. It was so awesome, that Dave decided he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and make his first jump. That decision was made easier as his wife wasn’t there to hold him back. After signing his life away and viewing a training video, he hopped on the plane with other brave souls and disappeared into the wild blue yonder. It seemed to take forever for the plane to get to 10,500 feet and we kept watching for him to arrive hoping his shoot would be fully deployed before he hit the ground. He was the last tandem jumper to land and seemed to be a little dazed and shaky walking back to us. He said it was a rush, but felt nauseated on the way down and was surprised at how much wind and cold air you experience on the way down. He’s crossed that off his bucket list and I’m pretty sure he won’t be doing that again.

Our weather has been great. Lots of blue skies and warm temps. I know the rest of the country has been experiencing brutal weather and I feel bad for those having to endure this winter. Wish you could all be here with us. But that would mean Arizona would probably start sinking with all that additional weight.

We are headed to the Tucson area next and hope you will enjoy following along.

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