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Blue pepsi

Sanur beach

Hole in the lane we have to negotiate in the dark


Museum Le Mayeur


Clear water of Sanur beach


15th - went to the beach. We got the hotel shuttle. It dropped us off at the main strip. We walked along and the hassle...terrible. They wanted 150,000 rupiah for sunbeds, we don't want to pay that so continued saying no to all the offers of beds, massages, pedicures etc. Eventually, found beds for 60,000 rupiah so that's ok, around £3 for the day. It's pretty hot. I don't usually burn but I was a little pink later on. Walked back to the hotel around 4pm after collecting some stuff from Hardy's, a sort of departmental store, but not. We wanted some Pepsi but could only find blue Pepsi ? What that about? Why'd anyone want blue Pepsi is beyond me but couldn't find any other sort so bought a bottle to go with our vodka and rum. It was ok - nondescript taste though. We got a taxi into the town for dinner tonight. Found a local 'warung' to eat at. Guy had grilled tuna and I had honeyed chicken. Both were delicious. Funny thing though, the extractor wasn't working over the barbecue so the chap had an electric fan to blow away the smoke. Hysterical!

16th - beach again, got the hotel shuttle, stopped at Hardy's and bought some large water and some snacks for the beach. We walked along till we found a spot on the beach with no beds but there was a large tree for shade. We lay out our sheets and put the snacks etc in a sarong and under the tree for shade. On swimming, we saw lots of small fishes. The water is crystal clear. Don't think we've ever been anywhere where the water is so clear. Perfect! There's a bit of weed, sort of like sea grasses. The sea isn't deep as there's a coral reef not too far away. We could walk out to it. Brought the snorkel and mask today so thought I'd do a bit of fish watching. Some lovely fish, black and white, yellow, white, green......and whats that? A SNAKE! It took one look at me, did a double take as did I. I tried to swim quickly out of the way, but you know when you're swimming, nothing's very quick is it. The snake is so much quicker so I'm starting to panic. Get out of the way, drag the mask off and shout to Guy who's left me to it and is nearly out of the water. I'm about 100m away. He starts coming back to 'rescue' me. Made it out of the water without being bitten but now pretty scared to go back in.

Ate in the same Warung tonight; Guy had the same and I had sweet and sour chicken which wasn't as nice as before.

17th - Too late for the shuttle this morning :/ We had a phone call at 1:30 am and so I didn't sleep again until 5:00 am and then didn't wake up till late. We took the dirty washing to the laundry and continued to the town. We'd planned to go to an artists (Le Mayeur) museum today which is along the beach. We stopped several times, buying bits here and there as we went. Cashed some money at an 'unofficial' money changer even though it said they were official. You have to watch them. They give a better rate but we went in knowing exactly what we needed for the money we were changing. He counted it out for me while his mate distracted Guy. He was 50,000 short. I counted it again. He gave me the 50,000 and then picked up the cash again, started counting whilst his mate was distracting Guy again. He then put 50,000 on the counter thinking I'd not seen him. Quite clever really, little tea leaf!

Had a beer on the beach which was nice. It's really hot today. I tried on a couple of dresses but they made me look fatter than I actually am ( or fatter than I think I am) so didn't buy them. Really pretty though. Going back to the same place for dinner. Cheap and good food. Seems silly to pay more for less tasty food. The beers cheaper there too.

Decided to have hot Choc after dinner so went to Starbucks, had to request a proper mug, not a paper cup. They looked at me as if I'd gone mad! It cost as much as dinner cost including the beer. Wow! Walked back to the hotel.

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