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Trying to decide what type of boudin to buy

Our original idea was to travel about 250 miles a day. We spent our first night in Northern Florida after traveling more than 400 miles. We made another 400 mile day and stopped in Lafayette to get an emergency shipment.

When we left Brevard county our wonderful GPS (designed for Motorhomes) would not turn on. We really rely on its safe routing features. There are some places you do not want to take a Motorhome. It also provides weather and traffic updates. You can not find this GPS in stores. We looked all over. I ordered one from Amazon and had it shipped to our RV park in Lafayette. It came over night.

We knew we wanted to stop and shop at the World's Best Meat Market. We discovered NuNu's Market on our last trip through Louisiana. It has a wonderful selection of homemade sausages and meats. I am very fond of boudin,a local sausage made with pork, rice and spices. It seems that each little town has their version of boudin and recipes are jealousy guarded. I like NuNu's. Boudin is also made with shrimp, crawfish, and even gator. Bob loves their meatloaf. I picked up some Tasso, a cured spicy ham and their own special Cajun seasoning. We visited a favorite restaurant, Fezzo's, and had their great crawfish etouffee. We tried boudin balls, a local favorite. They mold the sausage stuffing into balls and deep fry it. The best crab cakes I have ever eaten have been in Louisiana...I am sorry dear friends, Maryland Crab cakes don't come close. I have eaten the Cajun Crab Cakes in three different restaurants and each dish was exquisite. Enough about food...

We spent 3 days in Lafayette and headed west on I-10. I-10 in Louisiana has to be one of the worst roads anywhere. It is incredibly poor near Baton Rouge and Lake Charles. Once we hit Texas, everything smoothed out. The birds stopped complaining about their bouncing perches.

See you down the road!

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