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road down to the front gate

looking east behind the house (old outhouse - not used!)

looking east

looking north-east

the lounge room first thing in the morning is lovely

another great sunset

looking west

Hello all,

Well the good news is that the problem with the fridge is electrical - specifically 12-volt - not refrigeration. I am taking the van into Narrabri tomorrow to an auto electrician so it should be easy to fix. I plugged the van into 240 volt and turned the fridge to 240-volt and it worked, so the problem is with the switching power supply to the fridge.

The house sit in Grafton has been cancelled but I have lined up another one in Port Macquarie for four weeks that starts on the 27th so I will be there on the 26th. Jenni and Darrel arrive back here I think on the 21st so there is plenty of time for me to get to Port Macquarie. I should be able to see a lot of the country around Port Macquarie in four weeks!

Not much else to report, really. I have really enjoyed my stay here. The house is air-conditoned, the bed is to die for and the lounge, first thing in the morning, is delightful. It's lovely to walk through the fields with the dog. This morning I could see that there had been lots of pigs doing their thing, really made a mess during the night.

Also, I have not seen any rabbits, but lots of hares. Terry says the rabbits have been wiped out, but the hares do not dig burrows, they live in hollows in trees and things so do not cause erosion, so they are not so much of a pest but I suppose they eat crops instead.

But I've only seen two hares, so there must not be lots of them.

That's all for now.

Love to all


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