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Well, that's it! We've decided to head for home, we're ready to take on the grandchildren again & stop out wanderings, for now. This is not the best time of the year to be touring Northern Europe so we will return when the weather is warmer. We're about 500 miles away from the ferry terminal at Dunkirk so we should be able to make it easily in two days, weather permitting. Hopefully we can leave the really snowy weather behind us.

It was really cold again last night & I had to break our levelling ramps out as they had frozen to the road with the loose snow that had packed round them. The roads themselves, even the smaller country roads round the camp site were all clear of snow & ice but I took it easy till we got to the wider main roads. We drove generally North & pretty soon picked up the excellent motorway system taking us up towards Stuttgart. Then we headed North West towards Luxembourg, we still had to log some geocaches in Germany, Luxembourg & Belgium on our way through.

We passed to the North of Strasbourg & skirted Saarbrucken before stopping at a camper stop in a town named Perl, just beside the German/ Luxembourg border. There were actually two UK motorhomes already parked up there for the night, the first we have come across on our travels so far. The good news was that the office where we were supposed to pay was in a swimming pool beside the parking area & that was closed for two weeks so we had a free night's accommodation.

We travelled on motorways nearly all the way, and had no problems weather-wise, so we have made it to about halfway to Dunkirk. All things being equal we should make to the ferry terminal tomorrow, fingers crossed, & get an evening ferry back to Dover. If not, then an early morning ferry on Friday is the alternative.

Mileage today - 254

Total Mileage to date - 4,681

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