2015 Winter Florida Trip travel blog

Sally at Bear Lake

Anotherview of Bear Lake

Today was execise day. We did our normal morning exercise. Then we ate breakfast and got on our bikes and road the 3.8 miles to the path back to Bear Lake. The bike ride was 1.9 miles on the paved road and 1.9 miles on an unpaved path that took effort to ride. We then walked 1.6 miles down a trail to Bear lake. We didn't see much this year. We have seen a 20 ft python several years ago. The return to the RV was also uneventfull.

After sitting in the sun For several hours, we went to the marina area to fish again. we were tired so we sat on the wall and used shrimp under bobbers. After 45 minutes or so two fellows came up and started fishing right beside us. I couldn't believe it! They just bullied in to our area, they took over I suggeted to Saly we leave as I was going to say something I might regret if we stayed much longer.

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