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So many different options. Do we want to roll it or put...

Who is more excited in this picture?

With only 12 days until we depart we are feeling pretty good about the details. All the reservations for accommodations and travel have been done and confirmed. We have done a practice run on packing and managed to get everything in. We constantly have to remind ourselves that they sell that in Europe (what ever it is we are attempting to stuff in the last corner of the suitcase). We are sure we can drop a couple of pounds off the final packing. Pam has decided to cut down on weight by not bring any of her diamonds (not that she has that many to leave behind). She says she knows they sell them there!!!!!!!! She is now trying to convince me that a visit to Antwerp (the diamond capital) is a must.

Today we will work on more details. One of the main things to do is go to the bank and get Euros and passports. It is expensive to exchange currency so, we plan to bring some to get us started. Next week we hope to relax a bit and read and watch some videos on Europe, artists and any related subjects. Hope you tag along for our trip and give us feedback. Pam & Gary

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