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Peaceful Lake Como

Grumpy Lake Como


Beautiful sunny morning but very frosty. We drove round the Southern shore of Lake Garda when we left the site. The snowy mountains to the North were clearly visible today, not shrouded in mist like yesterday. Everything this morning was so crisp & bright, a lovely start to the day. That is until we drove through a tunnel along the way & came out the other end to fog & snow covered fields everywhere, what a contrast.

I had managed to persuade Ethel, our original SatNav, to kick into life using a spare USB cable & a cigarette lighter adapter. I was running Gertie, the Garmin SatNav, as well & it was fun listening to the two 'girls' giving differing instructions. They were both flummoxed though when we came across a new stretch of motorway on the way West to Milan. We all got lost & went up & down the same stretch a couple of times trying to get off onto our correct route. Must have added 10 miles at least to our total mileage for the day.

We were well in amongst the mountains by the afternoon & making our way around Lake Como En route to our site South of Lugano. We actually went into Switzerland & back out again as we wiggled our way round the lakes in the area. As we rounded the southern end of Lake Como we were surprised to see that the lake was really rough & stormy. The wind from the North was blasting down the lake & whipping it up. We stopped at a parking area right beside the lake to watch the waves & the spray being whipped off the surface only to get drenched by spray from waves hitting the shore. The small boats & pontoons were being hammered by the waves & the wind was really rocking us, it was like a mini tornado.

Our camp site was back in Italy but right on the Swiss border & deserted as usual apart from us. We went for a walk once we had settled in & actually walked across the nearby border into Switzerland & back again. There were a couple of border guards vaguely checking cars as they passed through the border but they took no notice of us at all.

Mileage today - 153

Total Mileage to date - 4,186

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