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levee bank around machinery shed

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levee bank around homestead

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BIG levee bank around homestead and sheds

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levee bank around another homestead

Hello everyone,

It has just occurred to me that when the girl asked me what was half of $66.50 I could have said anything and she would have accepted it as she obviously didn't have a clue,

but I said $33.25. Damn!!

Well, took the car to Namoi Diesel this morning, Terry picked me up and we went off on his mail round again. Terrific! Again! A lot of deliveries to the same places but some new ones too. One of the things I forgot to mention last week was that a lot of properties have levy banks built around the homesteads, machinery sheds and garages because the last flood they had flooded everything - feet deep in the houses, machinery wrecked, etc. They are like little islands in the landscape. I took some photos and short videos. We stopped again for morning tea with the cattle farmer then at lunch time we pulled up beside a creek to have lunch. We started the run at about 8.30 and got back to town at 3pm.

I went to pick the car up, expecting a couple of hundred dollars bill, but he only charged me $20!!!! Snow had said that the main battery would have to come out for them to adjust the fuel pump but no, he didn't do that. It only took him 10 minutes to adjust and test the result but said I should just see how it goes. He said someone had increased the fuel input in order to get more power but had overdone it, so it may be that I will have less power, won't know until I start pulling the van. But he said that power might be the same too. But the fuel consumption will decrease dramatically. So we will see what happens.

Temperature reached 38 today, luckily I was in an air conditioned car most of the day and am now in the air conditioned house. there is a very hot wind blowing outside and I have the sprinklers going, which the dog really enjoys.

Not going out tomorrow but on Wednesday a lady called Noelene has invited me to her garden club meeting after which I will visit Sawn Rocks on the way home. Jenni (house owner) introduced me to Noelene who is very interested to hear about my house sitting and travelling as she is contemplating doing the same thing.

that's all for now, got to move the sprinklers and refill my glass.


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