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Fancy Cathedral Front

Ferrara Street Scene

Big Cannon

Well it rained all night long & the wind really blew although it didn't rock Elsie at all. It was still lashing down when I went for a shower at 5.30am in the morning. I got a cold shower on the way to the toilet block & then a nice hot shower when I got there. It is a good job it's not snowing or we would be feet deep in it by now. The rain water was pouring down the site roads in rivers, not really holiday weather.

We really enjoyed our day in the old city yesterday despite the weather & it was nice of them to lay on a parade for us although Viv would have preferred it if they didn't keep firing off the cannon. I must make a note of some of the torture techniques that we saw in the Torture Museum though as they will come in handy when we get back to the grandchildren.

Well the rain continued all through the morning as we left San Marino & headed back down to the coast road & then North. Everywhere was flooded with rivers overflowing & fields awash. There were police cars everywhere & we saw two lots of emergency vehicles towing inflatable boats heading along the roads. There has been a heck of a lot of rain & it continued all morning.

We've decided to give Bologna & Milan cities a miss. You can only see so many cathedrals & so much artwork, we are sated on both plus ruins, temples, castles etc. We decided to stop at Ferrara, North of Bologna & close to Modena where the Ferrari factory is. The Sosta there was supposed to have wifi available but as often happens there was a login procedure that required sending a text to a mobile phone with the password & once again it wouldn't send it to my UK phone number.

One good thing we found out though was that the big car park next to the Sosta had free parking for motorhomes so we went there instead of the Sosta area. There were a number of other motorhomes doing the same so the Sosta area was empty.

We had a wander around the old walled area of Ferrara & lo & behold we found yet another beautiful cathedral plus a couple of castles to admire. We also found five geocaches plus we didn't get wet as the rain had finally stopped.

Mileage today - 104

Total Mileage to date - 3,953

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