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Well all went well with our bit of "wild camping", a nice quiet night tucked away in the corner with no disturbances. We got away earlier than usual, about 7.30 but there were a few geocaches along our coastal route today so we were hoping to log some. We got our first one right outside the site on the promenade. It was a small plastic case with a magnet inside so that it attached itself to the underside of a metal waste bin on a post.

We made our way up the coast heading for the small country of San Marino, tucked away up in the hills above Rimini. It is famous for it's football team & it's Formula One Grand Prix apart from being one of the smallest countries in the World. However the F1 Grand Prix circuit is not actually in San Marino, it is nearby in Imola in Italy.

We had a nice walk round the port in Ancona in the afternoon where we logged three geocaches & saw fishermen selling their fish right off the back of their boats. We also made our first stop at a McDonalds for a couple of weeks & had lunch but the wifi was rubbish.

It got quite dull early in the afternoon so I decided to push on up to San Marino via the toll road as I didn't fancy arriving in the dark. We got to the city of San Marino, in the country of San Marino by about 4.30pm & managed to find the camp site quite easily & got settled in before the rain started.

I decided to phone the company in the UK who I bought Ethel from last April to see if they could sort her out at all. If not, at least, I would be letting them know there was a problem before the warranty ran out. I related all the details & told them that she was still dead & refusing to boot up. They suggested that I connect her to a computer & try installing or updating her software. I couldn't see how this would work as she wasn't starting up or showing any signs of life at all when plugged into her charger.

Anyway as we have a wifi internet connection on the site I hooked up Viv's notebook computer, logged onto the manufacturers web site & connected Ethel via her USB lead. Lo & behold, I couldn't believe it but, she immediately sprang to life, she did stutter a couple of times but settled down eventually & allowed me to coax her into checking a route to Bologna, our next big city. There was a system software upgrade available which I downloaded but it would not recognise Ethel & install itself but at least it looks like she might be useable again. We'll soon find out once we set off again I won't be holding my breath & Gertie the Garmin will be on standby.

Mileage today - 154

Total Mileage to date - 3,849

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