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We awoke to a sunny and clear day. We were very excited! But, after the men returned from the Pilots meeting, we found that the surface winds were quite substantial so we could not fly again today!

The Crew, however, was invited to participate in a Crew competition of target tubing and long distance race at the ski slope. Western spirit was represented well! Carl was the first to bravely grab his tube and trek up the bunny slope with Ed and Jon close behind. As the other Crews sent their best competitors up the hill, the Fearless cowboys strategized. Carl mounted his stead and pointed it right for the tube target. He landed DEAD CENTER! Ed and Jon gave an incredible effort and were not far behind. Sue and Robin also gave it a valiant try! The team won first prize!

Snow began after the competition and continued to late in the night. We hear the the morning will be clear.

We had a relaxing dinner of soup and the remaining spaghetti and meatballs.

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