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Hello Everyone!!!

Yes, we are still here. I am sorry that it has been so long sing the last update to this journal. I sometimes feel that this is like showing home movies to your friends, and I don't want to bore you all with our adventures. But, due to several complaints that reminded me that I have not put out an update since the end of December, I promise to try to put out something a little more often.

The pictures show a little New Years eve get together that we held at our new place. The weather was too cold to sit outside, so we used the space at the new place to get everyone together. It was a really nice afternoon with plenty of good food as you can see. And in the true spirit of us senior citizens, it was over by 7PM and most of us (including Linda and I) were in bed before 11PM.

That was pretty much the last time we got to use the new place because our renter showed up a week early and is now using the house. I have continued to work outside and in the shed and I promise some before and after pictures in the next post to this journal.

Linda has been working at a new craft, she is making a clock out od several pieces of rock. We have a large and active rock club here and they give classes and help the people make some really beautiful items out of rocks.

I have been working at the new house and of course making the donuts every two weeks. The last time we made 72 dozen donuts and we were sold out in less than an hour. This week we plan to make 84 dozen. Thats a LOT of donuts!

Thats about all for now. Best wishes to all of you. Stay Warm!

Paul & Linda

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