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It is still snowing!

Part of the Western Spirit Balloon Team went to Broc to tour the Nestle and Callier Chocolate factory. We traveled by car in the snow to the factory which is close to Gruyeres Castle. Ed, Sue, Carl, Jon and Robin enjoyed the tour, production line of a chocolate bar and especially the tasting room at the end! Yummmm! Shopping the in the company store was super! Great gifts for our friends and family back home. One the way home, we stopped by a favorite small restaurant in Lessoc. It was built in 1889 and is a wonderful old building. We had wine, cheese and bread to celebrate a successful trip.

Al, Pierre and Tsinga took a long hike and visited Tzingas girlfriend Kelly. The two dogs romped in the snow by the farm where she lives. They explored the swinging bridge and lots of fly fishing waters along the river.

Dena was under the weather today so she stayed at the Chalet and relaxed.

The Team was invited to a party at the oldest chalet in Switzerland. Patrick and Suzy Kearly were our hosts. It was great fun to meet pilots and crews from around the world. The Chalet is incredible!

Pierre set up a dinner with his good friend who owns the Hotel de la Poste just right down the block from the Chalet. He is a Chef in Gstaad and agreed to be our private chef for the night. The Hotel used to have a full service restaurant but now uses it only as a breakfast area for the hotel guests. What a fabulous fine dining event! Delicious soup made from a local root vegetable, fresh cauliflower, broccoli and carrots, hash brown potato pancake and a veal dish with mushroom sauce. Yum, yum! Pierre chose a luscious bottle of Italian wine for all of us to share. Crème Caramel for dessert and all was right with the world!

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