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Roos in the fields

A bit fuzzy, but more roos

I thought the sunset on these trees was terrific

"Allie" the puppy

another two

fifth telescope

the farm bore

front of the house

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Hello all,

Not much to report. Today I visited the Australia Telescope Compact Array just out of Narrabri, really interesting, but the audio-visual show was so old, I couldn't believe it. You could tell from the condition of the film, the types of computers in it (with magnetic tape!) and the haircuts of the people in it that it was 60's or 70's vintage. They also had a computer screen showing, I presume, what the telescopes were doing, but there was nothing to explain the displays, and as I'm not an astronomer, it was all Greek to me.

It consists of six telescopes, five of which move along a track. They are radiotelescopes which is why they use them during the day. I would love to know what they were looking at, as all five machines were moving around looking in different directions.

They have a good visitors' centre and lots of stuff outside too.

After that I went back in to town and had my hair permed.

Tomorrow the Narrabri markets are on so I will be setting up a stall there and will let you know how it goes.

This coming week I hope to go out with the guy who does the mail run to all the properties over a wide area so that should be interesting!

The weather has been good, a few days at 35 or so but this house is airconditioned, running off solar panels during the day, so it's on all the time.

One unusual thing - I have not seen one single cockroach. You would think that in a farmhouse in the middle of fields there would be many, but I can't even see any cockroach dirt in the cupboards. Must ask her when she comes back what she uses!

In comparison, one house I sat was crawling with them, just awful, I was glad to be living and cooking in the van.

Can't think of anything else to report.

Love to all


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