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Preparing to fly


Ready to go


Ed is smiling! They are all happy!

Ed and Sue fly first

Dena and Carl go for a short flight

Jon our pilot in the sky!

View from the sky








More balloons

The hot dog man


Children's balloon release


Burping the air out of the balloon in order to put it...

Jon landed on the side of the hill and we laid the...

Ed laying down on the job!

Carl and Ed putting the balloon back in the bag

Ceremony for the new balloonists

Drinking champagne is a tradition

Weather Briefing

Flight plan card

We awoke to beautiful sunshine and no wind, hurray! Also, today is Kid's Day at the festival so the two go fabulously together.

(Pilots corner)

8:00 am briefing, pilots briefing in French with about 10 minuets in English ( see photos of Flight plan and weather for today and tomorrow). Looks like we can fly today. Hurried back to the chalet to pick up chase vehicle and trailer. Then Al drove us to get in the long line to launch site. Loaded all of the equipment on a sledge to pull over to launch site and prepare for Launch. Take off as directed by launch director and cleared launch with control tower for aircraft N2803N 0n 130.50 MHz flight to 1800agl.

You can follow our launch from the live stream field cameras on chax.roundshot.ch or see the festivals web site at www.festivaldeballoons.ch

Crews Corner:

We were in the 3rd wave so we launched about noon. Jon, Ed and Sue took the first flight and then Jon landed and switched out passengers so Dena and Carl could fly. Jon flew towards Rougemont and Saneen. We were told that a weather front was coming in with snow, sleet and rain so as the clouds rolled over the mountains, Jon landed the balloon on the side of a hill, right by a road (thank you Jon!). With Pierre's help, we found the balloon, packed up and headed back to the launch field to pick up our fan and enjoy a local hot dog (Ed is an expert). Each child receives a balloon with a message on the bottom to release into the sky. It was wonderful to see so many children and parents enjoying the beautiful weather and balloons. The release is great to watch.

The Men went to propane (or so that is the story they tell!?!) and the Ladies went to the store for provisions for Ed and Sue's Chicken Roulande for dinner.

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