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Mount Etna, In The Clouds Again

Loading The Ferry

Heading Back To The Mainland

We woke to a lovely sunny morning which was a nice change after all the rain we've had over the last week. I managed to give Elsie a bit of a wash to get rid of the grime, at least as far as I could reach using a bucket & sponge.

It was a pleasant drive up the coast road as we headed back to Messina to catch the ferry back to the mainland, our three days were up. We have, at least, seen something of Sicily with all it's mountains & today we had some great views of Mount Etna as we passed by on our way. A lot of the times we have been near enough to see it, it has been covered in low cloud but today we had a great view of it's snow covered slopes. The clouds did move in to hide it as the morning progressed but we had at least seen it clearly before we left.

We had a picnic lunch in the ferry terminal while we waited for the ferry. The ferries run constantly all day & we hadn't needed to book a time, just turn up & catch the next available one. We only had to wait about 45 minutes before it got back from the mainland & we were boarded along with a whole load of big articulated lorries. We felt quite small tucked in amongst such monsters. Thirty minutes later we were disembarking & on our way round to the East coast of the toe of Italy, starting on our way back home.

I don't know if we are really unlucky or really lucky wiith our camp sites lately. We had two Sosta sites listed around on the coast road but like two days ago the first one was nowhere to be found at the location given in the book & the second one was closed despite being listed as open all the year. Again it was getting dark & raining again, the next site we had listed was another 2-3 hrs drive away & might even have been closed as well. I did consider "Wild Camping" in a deserted car park outside an archeological site but it's always a worry that you might get a knock from the police & be told to move on. So we moved on anyway & started the drive up to our next listed site.

As our luck would have it we spotted what looked like a camp site about six miles up the road, we could see lights & a couple of caravans so I pulled into the drive way. It turned out that it was a proper site but they were closed for the winter. However they were kind enough to say that we could stay there the night so long as we realised that all their facilities were closed. This suited us fine as we only wanted somewhere safe to stay, we have all our own facilities on board. So as I said we were both unlucky but also very lucky, especially as they also wouldn't take any payment.

Mileage today - 121

Total Mileage to date - 2,693

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