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The Slopes Of Mount Etna

Mount Etna Is There, Somewhere In The Clouds

English War Cemetery

Religious Procession

Come On Lads, Pick It Up!

It rained heavily again during the night accompanied by thunder & lightning but it was nice & sunny by the morning. In fact, too sunny, as we drove East towards Catania the sun was low & directly in our eyes plus reflecting up off the wet roads. We had left early after thanking the boss for our free night stop, he wouldn't accept any payment.

We reached the outskirts of Catania & stopped at a massive shopping centre where we had a bit of fun even finding a place to park. They had acres of empty car park areas but all with low barriers that we couldn't get under. I did manage to find a gap to the side of one barrier & whipped in to park but a security guy came across & said we had to move to a special parking area for motorhomes & buses. He called up on his radio & a little security van turned up to lead us al around the parking complex to the other area. We must have gone about a mile before he pulled in & pointed to where we could park.

We finally managed to make our way into the shopping area which was huge with hundreds of little shops plus some of the bigger name stores & outlets. We only really wanted a few groceries but we did find a McDs so we had a coffee & cheeseburger just to keep us going. I used the wifi in McDs to check on geocaches in the Catania area & located one just about a mile away at an English War cemetery. So, after getting our groceries, we escaped from the clutches of the car park complex & went off to locate the cache & pay our respects at the cemetery. Seeing all the neat rows of grave stones once again brought home some of the frustration about the complete waste & tragedy of the war. We have seen so many similar cemeteries in so many different countries now & so many wasted lives, the families as well as those actually killed.

Our camp site on the Northern outskirts of Catania was right on the coast. We were parked just feet from the fence overlooking a 10-15 foot drop to the rocks & sea below. There were a few other motorhomes on this site & we were parked beside quite a big one which was occupied, we later found out, by a Swedish guy & his Thai wife, both of whom he informed us are naturists.

I went off after lunch to see a bit of Catania while Viv decided to do some washing & tidy up the Motorhome. There wasn't much to see in Catania except for the usual cathedral & lots of old buildings. I did come across a religious procession making it's way along a Main Street to a church. Twelve big burly guys were lugging this massive statue along. It was obviously very heavy as even with twelve of them that had to keep stopping every few yards to rest. I also managed to locate one geocache in a pretty garden with views to the North of Mount Etna. Only problem was that you couldn't se the famous volcano because of low cloud.

We ate out for a change at the camps restaurant & had the same as we had in Naples. I found out that the thing I had for lunch in Naples was a 'Calzone'. So we decided to have the same again as we had in Naples which was Margarita Pizza for Viv & a Calzone for me. My Calzone was no where near as nice as the one I had in Naples but Viv said that the one in Naples had been deep fried whilst the one here was just baked. It still got eaten!

Mileage today - 88

Total Mileage to date - 2,572

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