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Valey Of The Temples

Our Free Night Stop

We stopped for lunch at a place called "The Valley Of The Temples", another Ancient Greek settlement area with several temples & other ruins scattered along the hillside. The afternoon itself turned out to be a nightmare as far as getting to our next camp site. Ethel, the SatNav insisted on taking us up into the mountains where she found a big old town with a strange traffic system that she could not navigate. We went round & round & she kept trying to take us down one-way streets & narrow streets with low overhanging first floor balconies until she eventually died altogether leaving us stranded. Fortunately I had a spare power lead which managed to spark her back to life but she still was so erratic that eventually I just gave up on her & found a road leading in roughly the right direction just to get clear of the town.

We must have gone an extra forty or so miles because of her misdirection & it was gone 6pm & pitch dark by the time we reached our chosen site for the night. The main entrance was closed but a sign directed motorhomes down a narrow side road to a rear entrance. Unfortunately this was also closed with a big steel gate & a barking dog at the entrance. Our camp site book said that it should be open all year but this one was obviously shut down for some reason. I did manage to open the gate & drive in so that I could at least turn Elsie around & head off five miles down the road to the next site. We never did find it though, despite driving up & down the road where it was supposed to be. The coordinates must have been wrong because there was no sign whatsoever of a campsite.

This was disastrous as the next possible site was another 30 miles along the road & we questioned whether that would even be open, especially as it was getting later & later. In the end we drove back to the first site & decided to park up just inside the gate, after placating the soppy old guard dog. The place seemed deserted but we settled down & waited to see if anybody came banging on the door. This upset Viv's routine because she likes to get into her nightie & dressing gown straight after tea.

We finally heard somebody rolling back the gate again & a Swedish couple drove in with their motorhome. They were apparently staying on site long term & told us that the site was closed because of a problem with the electricity supply. They were very helpful & contacted the boss who lived at the other end of the large camp. He said that it would be OK for us to stay the night so off came Viv's clothes & on went the nightie & dressing gown, not till after he left though, I hasten to add.

What a relief, now we could relax for the night.

Mileage today - 230

Total Mileage to date - 2,484

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