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Audi in her rocking chair 3:30 a.m. awaiting our flight to Cuba

Disembark on the tarmac in Cuba. Nothing fancy here

First beers on the bus with no bathroom. Bad mistake for Audi

Gorgeous Cuban waters

This is indeed the life

Audi on the beach

Photoshoot on the beach

The gorgeous pool

Our room

View up to the main lobby

to the market between the two Resorts

The market. Bought a Cayo Santa Maria painting from a local artist

View of the Resort from a tower in the market

Drying out the pesos after Ken jumped in the pool with them

Resort map

Our room - 4 to a building. We are on the bottom...

Visiting the Resort next door. It was HUMUNGOUS! Is that a word?

Audi relaxing in our tub avec Vino Tinto :)

The Piano Bar and nightime meeting place

Audi enjoying a Pina Colada by the pool

The Royalton party crew!

Live concert at the market


Liz, Kevin, Audi & Ken at the market party

Piano Bar in action

The gorgeous beach again!

Pool friends

We were so tired of the winter weather that we started looking for last minute deals to Cuba. There was a great deal on a newly opened hotel. This 5-star new hotel 'The Royalton' had just opened and the all inclusive price was to good to pass up. We packed our bags for a week of fun in the sun. The Resort had butlers to look after everyone (although we never saw ours until the last day when they wanted a tip - they didn't get one) and we had a great time at the bar each night. It was quite an intimate resort and we ended up meeting a lot more Canadians in the pool. We keep in close contact with some of them on FB such as Liz and Kevin (Kevin passed away Sept. 2014 - Rest in Peace beautiful soul xo), Sheri Hanson and her man, and Liz & Eddie. There were a few others in our group but, they never ended up becoming FB friends. There was a festival in the market square between our resort and the next one over one night during our stay so 10 or 12 of us got together and partied in the streets to live music, enjoying free food and drink. The pools were gorgeous as well as the beach. We visited with Liz and Eddie in Toronto in 2012 when we flew up to attend a concert. They are now engaged to be married :) Did I mention the beaches in Cuba are out of this world??? The food needs some work though. Although we don't eat Seafood, the night we went to the only a la carte on the resort, it was seafood night so we ate it up. The lobster was like rubber and everything was flavourless. This is common in Cuba and many people bring their own wine, ketchup, peanut butter, etc. We don't go there for the food; we go for the people, beaches and the sun. I managed to get sick (luckily on the one day it rained) from sunstroke. I still cannot believe I didn't put my hair up or wear my hat. I was just so excited after the 2 hour bus ride with no toilet on board that we were finally there! On another morning, we filled our bubba kegs with Bailey's and espresso (they didn't have regular coffee. I then managed to stub my big toe badly and break the nail. Between the adrenaline and the caffeine high, I thought I may be passing out! I just laid comfortably by the pool drying out Ken's pesos that he soaked when he forgot to take them out of his pocket when he jumped into the pool. It was a fantastic last minute and much needed vacation!

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