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view of the farm

view of the farm

view of the farm

view of the farm

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views of the farm

Hello all,

Well I am now in residence at a farm at Edgeroi, 20k north of Narrabri. A beautiful place! It is an agricultural farm and the owner told me he grows wheat, barley and canola. All the harvesting has been done so they have gone to Jervis Bay for a 4-week holiday with family. Lovely people. There is a dog here, she is a jack russel/kelpie cross and quite adorable, and about 4 months old.

My duties include watering the lawns, feeding and walking the dog and that's about it. Of course it is lovely and quiet here, plenty of bird life and apparently lots of pigs and kangaroos, although I haven't seen any yet.

I have been into town today just for some supplies to replace what I had to throw out when the fridge went on the blink. I have decided too that I will wait until I get to Grafton, which is where my next house sit is and get it looked at there, as I don't need it until the end of the Grafton job. I'll just put whatever stuff I have when I leave here into the esky with some ice, so I will have to make sure there isn't too much!

The sit I was going to do at Guyra, after the Grafton one, has been cancelled. The people read my blog and for some reason got upset about the fact that I had given Suki, the dog at Meerschaum Vale, some training. It was done with the wholehearted wishes of the family, maybe I didn't make that clear?? Anyway for some reason the Guyra people thought that I would train their dogs, why they would think that I can't imagine. Anyway it's cancelled but it's no big deal, everything happens for a reason so a better opportunity will arise I am sure.

I am getting my hair permed next Friday and not before time, it's looking a bit ragged. I will go and look at the Australia Telescope Compact Array that morning and visit the hairdresser in the afternoon.

Jenni, the owner of this house, had lots of tourist brochures ready for me, which was really nice of her, so there is lots to see around Narrabri.

I will take a drive around the property this weekend and take some more videos/photos to post here.

It is a real privilege to be able to stay in these lovely places. If things would just stop breaking down life would be perfect!

Love to all


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