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Final tally on the Scrabble tournament.

We played 16 games during our trip and had decided that we would tally both the number of games won and the total scores from each game.

The final results are as follows:

Mary won 8 games and Jonathan won 8 games. The final total score was Mary with 4817 and Jonathan with 4834. In reality, our tournament was a draw.

We thought about having a final showdown, an overtime game if you please. In the end, we decided to just let it stand. It's how many of our Scrabble games over the years turn out - very close.

Although there were many very good plays Mary had the best one. On January 8th, in Joshua Tree N.P. she scored a "bingo" (played all of her letters) to end the game with the word "justice". For those of you who play Scrabble you know how hard it can be to "bingo" but to do it late in a game and prevent your opponent from playing is pretty cool. Even modest Mary gloated over that one!

It was a lot of fun.

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