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Sorry I had wallet stolen losing credit cards, Driver's License, etcx. but not passport. I had 1 euro 20 cents here in Italy. Thankfully for my gracious airbnb host(wouldn't get this at a hotel) and gracious older brother. My airbnb host took me to his Mom's for a real home cooked several course Italian Dinner. He also served me a couple more meals and loaned me whatever money I needed. Until my brother immediately got me $600 through Western Union. MBNA and United Mileage Plus Explorer express mailed me new cards in two days! MBNA sent pin# to Cody and my friend Moir will open mail and e-mail it to me. United (Chase), under extreme circumstances and extensive security check, gave me one over the phone.

Thank yo Wynne and George for your gracious offer to Western Union me money-help. That was very kind. Nothing like lifetime friends! And airbnb hosts and brothers! I am being more cautious and using better secure measures.

Also, sorry for no entries. Have neglected to find the time to do so. Been on the go playing sightseeing tourist. Genoa to Nice, to Monaco, back to Genoa, to Torino (Turin-sight of 2006 Winter Olympics), back to Genoa, to Milan, back to Genoa, and now in Siena until Sunday then Florence for 5 days. Possible take two 3-4 day trips to Rome and Venice. Then settle down ("live") in the Tuscany area until March and doing the same in Cinque Terre.

Am having trouble loading photos to either of my two computers (apple laptop/Samsung Tab S)and that has delayed my entries. Hopefully, can get some entries soon with photos.

I'm averaging 17,000 steps per day and about 500 photos per day. In all 6 cities any view from 360 is worth shooting. Amazing. Did get delayed play-by-play written on the awesome Seahawk comeback win. WOW!

caio, Norm

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