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Hello everyone,

Well the best-laid plans of mice and men...

At about 1130pm on Monday night, sprinklers the size of geysers sprang up out of the ground in the park where I was staying in Narrabri. I had one come up under the awning on the front left-hand corner of the van. At first I thought it was rain, but no, couldn't be because it came and went. Finally I looked outside and saw the sprinkler and reflected that it was just as well that I hadn't parked the van on top of one as it would have carved a hole in the floor.

So next morning I had to pack up and leave and came north as far as Bellata which is about half-way between Narrabri and Moree as there is a very large truck rest area here and it's really the only place available. So I stayed here last night and again tonight then go back south for 20k to Edgeroi.

As you know, last week's disaster was Baby Girl.

And this week's disaster?? The fridge has died, so everything in the freezer has been thrown out plus stuff in the fridge part like butter and milk and probably most of the contents of the crisper.

There is no-one in Narrabri who can fix it so tomorrow I will see if there is someone in Moree and if not I will have to go back to Tamworth, but not before the country music thingy has ended as all the refrigeration places are flat out fixing visiting vans' air cons and fridges. In fact when I was getting the air con fixed last week there were dozen or so engels and waecos waiting to be fixed, so there will be even more now.

It just doesn't seem to end, does it? How can one person have so many things happen to them? I am really over it all. I hope the fridge is fixable because a new one costs more than $2000 and I really can't afford that.

Are we having fun yet??

Bye for now.


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