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Jimbaran fish market

Tuna--all sizes and varieties

Squid, squid, squid

Octopus anyone?

We had 4 of these giant prawns for breakfast, along with a...

Beautiful fish

More beautiful fish

The Cook

The "kitchen"

Breakfast being prepared--the fish

Breakfast being prepared--the prawns

At last--breakfast! What better way to start the day!

Kecak dance at our hotel

Our last day in Bali, made so memorable by the amazing people...

Sunset on our last night

We flew back into Denpasar on Tuesday Jan. 13. This time we stayed in Seminyak, a town 20 minutes or so north west of the airport. Since it was our last 3 nights in Bali, we decided some R&R was in order before returning home. Therefore, we stayed at a boutique hotel located on the beach and close to lots of shops, restaurants and spas!

Before settling down by the beach and pool, we knew we had to go visit the Jimbaran Fish market. That meant an early morning wake up call by Trish's harp playing phone, with a few snoozes buttons to delay the inevitable...so hard to do but by 9AM, we were at the market. Of course it was bustling already with huge varieties of fish, squid, shellfish, shrimp, crab and lobster. We both knew that had we had a kitchen to cook in, we would have been buying like crazy because we knew how fresh everything was. It was tuna season, so there were all types of tunas, big and small. We were hungry as we went to the fish market without eating breakfast...so what were 2 hungry girls to do? We found a stall just outside the market that could BBQ anything we wanted. SO EXCITED by this prospect that we both went in to select a fish, a squid and 4 giant prawns for the BBQ. What a feast we had for breakfast! We were so full from this meal that we did not have to eat again until 9pm that night at a real gem of a restarant called Sardines.

Our last true bali experience was to get a massage. We had read all about this spa called Jari Menari, home of the "dancing fingers" with only male masseuse therapists! We each had a 90 minute massage and left EXTREMELY relaxed...so much that all we did for the rest of the day was lounge by the pool and play in the ocean.

On our last night, our hotel held a Kecap dance for its guests. Lucky for us that we were able to watch 3 diffent Balinese dances during our stay in Bali. All of them were unique in their story line but equally beautiful.

As we prepare ourselves for our departure from Bali, it seems only fitting that we reflect on this great adventure. We feel very grateful that as an outsider, we were welcomed to experience another culture's way of Celebrating Life. Our journey was further enhanced by the kindness and hospitality extended to us by the Indonesian people. They were also quick to greet us with a smile and "pagi" (morning!).

In Sulawesi, more people were curious and excited to see Trish. She was continuously approached by locals wishing to have photos taken with her, which she always obliged. With Sunny, she got so tanned that even an Indonesian driver thought she looked darker than some of the locals. What a pair! Sulawesi was most definitely off the beaten track but worth it if you want to observe a culture that is still so proudly protected and practiced by its people. This is rather uncommon in this day and age where many traditions and cultures are being abandoned by the younger generation.

We will never forget the unusual driving practices of Indonesian drivers. The beeping of a horn does not mean "get out of my f**ng way"! but rather "hello, I may be in your blind spot so be careful". Also, forget about lanes or lights or stop signs or the right of way rules. Most drivers don't have insurance so it is quite amazing that there are so few accidents. They obviously have found a way to make it work!

Finally, the smells--in Bali, the predominant smell was that of incense since they pray so frequently each day. Then compound that with the "aroma" of local cigarette smoke (since cigarettes only cost $1.20 a package, most every male smokes), the smell of petro from all the slow moving vehicles around and then layer the smell of cooking rice...yes, so ASIA!

All in all, we had an AMAZING time exploring and experiencing this beautiful country and we sort of became bilingual (haha). We travelled so well together and had a belly full of laughs (except for the bed bugs incident that Sunny would rather forget). We hope you enjoyed sharing this adventure with us through the trip journal. Over and out...until the next adventure, of course! Salamath Jalan (Good-Bye).

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