Winter Escape / Feb & Mar 2015 travel blog

Lots of deer outside the RV park fence just frolicking around!


Nice park, pretty empty on this end where they put the one-nighters....

The RV park is about 1/2 mile from I-10. It's a really...

Holly couldn't wait to get outside! There's a tiger inside that beauty!

Say 'cheese'!

A very pleasant 315 miles of I-10 to Junction, Texas. Houston has got to be the easiest and most pleasant metropolitan city to drive through, even in rush hour, and even with the California and Northeastern transplants driving crazy and cutting you off.

Outside Houston traveling west on I-10, we passed through mile after mile of sagebrush. First it was flat land, then hill country. San Antonio looks like the best and most pleasant NBA city, and every player drafted by the Spurs should count their blessings. The next 'big' city we will see is El Paso Texas, the day after tomorrow!

Junction is in the middle of nowhere. Tomorrow we will see more lovely open Texas countryside on our way to Van Horn, TX!

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