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349 miles today across Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. BUT... The grass here is green! And the temp is 62 degrees! We are tired but will have an extra day to rest up, do some shopping, and enjoy the outdoors. Mack and Holly have gotten very restless since they noticed the green grass and sunshine. They will spend a few hours out on their leash and harness today.

I-20 goes right through Atlanta. I was a little worried about what the traffic would be like, but it was no problem. There was about 20 miles of suburban Interstate highway which we hit at 9:30 AM. Traffic was moderate and the roads are good, so we right along through.

Meridian is an old railroad town that has resurrected itself with light industry. It has most of the desirable modern features without the sprawl of ugly development. However, it also has a lot of old buildings and warehouses that need rehabbing, and the downtown shows a lot of effort and investment but still has a long way to go.

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