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Christopher Columbus Statue

Reubens Painting

Funicular Railway

This morning was a bit of a waste & very frustrating. We went into the old part of the city by bus. Fortunately there was a bus stop on the road next to our site & the bus took us right down to the old port area. A €1.5 ticket allows you ninety minutes of time on any of the buses, our journey in only took about thirty minutes so we were OK.

Our objective then was to find a wifi connection so that we could download some geocaches & explore the old city as we located the caches. We soon found a sign pointing towards a McDs but it wasn't so easy to find & we wandered around the narrow streets for quite a while looking for it. We did locate a tourist information office where we picked up a map & some directions to some of the main sights to see. Unlike a lot of tourist offices this one did not have wifi so we were back to locating a McDs which we eventually did. This was the frustrating bit as the wifi link turned out to be really poor & the procedure for getting a login name & password was hopelessly awkward plus the coffee we bought was luke warm.

We gave up in the end & made our way back to the port area again to locate a second tourist office, which didn't have wifi & a second McDs that did. We did manage to get logged on here at last & downloaded a number of geocaches in the area so we were finally set to start exploring the old part of the city.

The old port area was interesting with a replica of a large old fashioned sailing ship like the one Christopher Columbus might have sailed in. Our first geocache tok us to a maritime museum nearby with a real submarine moored up in the dock outside as an exhibition. Then we spotted a little old Chinese restaurant tucked away amongst the arcade of shops lining the road along the docks so we stopped for lunch. As well as some reasonably prided food we were able to get a great wifi link so we ended up eating, downloading emails & updating our travel log.

We spent the rest of the afternoon traipsing around visiting churches, the central railway station & other sights as we tried to find the various caches we had downloaded. We got to ride on our second funicular railway in a week which took us up to the higher section of the old city from where we could meander our way back down. The old city is interesting with it's narrow streets & tall buildings, lots of museums & churches. One of the churches we did go inside was beautifully decorated with many huge canvas paintings by old masters, including two by Reubens, hung above the altars. All the walls & the roof were also covered in magnificent paintings very reminiscent of the Cistine chapel in Rome.

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