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We picked up a car from the airport and made tracks up the westcoast towards Sharks Bay. It was good to be in a car and in control of our own transport once again!!!

Along the way, we saw our first road trains (tractor trailers with two or more trailers in tow). These guys really move!! Because they are so long (up to 50m long), you have to have a lot of room to pass them! The ones transporting sheep are especially smelly. phew!!!

As the sun was setting, we saw our first Kangaroo!! Boing! Boing! Boing! It was hopping along the side of the road, then decided to veer onto the road 50m ahead of us. Good thing it didn't decide to stop and look at us!! It hopped along on its merry way across the road and into the brush. Cool!!!

We stayed at an old convent in Northampton that is now converted into a hostel. Had the whole place to ourselves!!

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