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In spite of my love of naps, I can be a sensitive boy when it coms to sleep. When traveling, I use earplugs, eye shades, and all, but on an airplane it's near impossible. The awkward positions, pressures on odd body parts, and the background noise take a toll.

From Chicago to Paris, I slept maybe two hours. Being groggy and brain soggy makes the transition to the ground quite uncertain. Fortunately, French customs didn't care much about my arrival, my bag showed up, and I didn't have hard decisions to make.

Sleep lag. The worst is what it does to my speech. I'm normally quiet and often struggle for right words. Ordering a coffee at McDonalds at Charles de Gaulle airport was a stupor fest. All the more reason to use my handy translator app when buying a train ticket to Bayonne.

On the train, I kept nodding off, but anxiety over stops and connections kept snapping me awake.

I had managed to make an online reservation at a cheap hotel in Bayonne. I checked in around six, skipped dinner, and went to bed.

And could not sleep. Much half-awake lying about, finding a new cool spot on the pillow, but no sleep. Around 4 it occurred to me that anxiety over my breakfast time might be the cause. So I set an alarm. The trick sort of worked.

I made it to breakfast and the 11:07 bus to St Jean Pied de Port, the start of the walk. I found a pilgrim hostel and after lunch took a nap. No doubt the nap will keep me up tonight.

Now my speech needs to catch up. I've been using Spanish in France. I must think I'm already over the Pyrenees. That part is tomorrow, if all goes well and I get some sleep.

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