Jim Goes to Spain for a Winter Camino travel blog

At SeaTac, when checking in, I was startled to discover my pack weighed in at 23 pounds. This is 4 pounds more than I took to the UK. Must be the sleeping bag and thick, warm garb I need for winter.

At the gate,I offered to volunteer to give up my seat. Retired, with no reservations, why not?

"Where were you when we needed you yesterday?" was the reply. "My fault," I said, "Poor planning." This suitably entertained an otherwise harried employee. She asked for my ticket, tapped secret code and presented me with a better seat.

After a routine flight, I did the same thing in Chicago. "No," said the gate agent, "we're OK."

Later, as boarding was well underway, the Chicago agent announces the need for people with flexible travel plans. That's me. My offer to volunteer was tentatively accepted. I surrendered my ticket to the same agent, and settled in, scheming how to use $1000 in travel credit.

I was sad when I was called back and was told I wasn't needed. Ironic, as a young woman had just been told they did not have two seats left, only one, mine.

For my trouble, I was upgraded from sheep class to enhanced sheep class, a thin curtain away from people with first class sleeping cubes. A fantasy for me.

The moral is to be kind, flexible, and polite. You never know when the upgrade is available.

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