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Hand made and mand worn silver jewellery

Coco Plant--chocolate or cocaine??

Unprocessed mongoose "organics"

Processed "organics"

Roasting the beans

Eartht and leafy, with a hint of grub...

Batik Making

Sunrise Villa in Pemuteran

The card playing room in our villa

Happy hour at Taman Sari

Big snorkelling day to Menjangan Island

Even Sunny went snorkelling but needed to have her hand held while...

Our guide and boat driver

Menjangan Island

Arriving at the Ayana Hotel

Afternoon cocktail at the Ayana Hotel...ah, to have flowers instead if hair!

The view from the infinity pool overlooking the Indian Ocean

Exercising in the pool

The Rock Bar--this time with people!

Sipping on cocktails from The Rock Bar

Sunset at The Rock Bar

We departed from Ubud on January 2nd at 11:am. The four hour drive to Pemuteran took just under 7 hours which included numerous stops along the way. The first stop was to an art gallery just outside the city limits. A local artist works and lives at the gallery so we got to see him in action. Trish was tempted to purchase a water colour depiction of the Legong Dance but decided against it, for now. Our next stop was at a silver jewellery shop were they manufacture and sell the handcrafted jewellery onsite. Sunny and Trish purchased matching rings along with a few other really nice pieces of jewelry. David abstained from buying anything but was able to provide insightful consultation on the ladies' purchases. The next stop was to a Batik shop. They made and sold Batik on the premises. Sunny purchased a piece of Batik which we will frame and have as a memory of our trip to Bali.

The next pitstop was to a herb and coffee plantation. The experience was very different than what you would find at a Starbucks or Tim Hortons. Many of the herbs are incorporated into the uniquely blended Indonesion coffee. Their premium blend was a Mongoose back end blend (no shit). Trish described the taste as earthy, leafy with a hint of grub. Top that Starbucks!!!

The rest of the journey consisted of a buffet lunch in a seaside town and a spectacular drive through the mountains. There is a great deal of vegetable farming that takes place in the mountainous regions as it is a bit cooler and more conducive to farming. We arrived at the Taman Sari Resort which is in the northwest of Bali and is located right on the waters edge. Since it was high season we could only book a three bedroom villa. The place is spectacular. We have about 1/2 an acre of beautifully landscaped lot. We have our own private pool, a cabana and a covered dining area. The third bedroom is located in a separate building and unfortunately it went unused.

The days spent at the resort have included eating, sleeping, swimming (did we mention the private pool), playing cards, getting a massage and snorkling. The snorkling was amazing!! We went 20 feet off the edge of the beach and you felt like you were swimming in a really cool aquarium. The fish and coral were plentiful and colourful. We saw brilliant blue star fish, multi coloured fish and schools of small fish. The most interesting experience was staring down a barracuda who seemed very territorial.

On our final day in Pemuteran, we booked a snorkling excursion. We boarded a boat at 9 am and had a 40 minute ride to Menjangan Island. Menjangan Island is about 1.2 miles in length and its name is Indonesion for deer as every spring wild deer are seen swimming to the island. Unlike Bowen Island the deer are protected from hunters. The island is part of the national park system. Our guide took for our first of two outings. The first swim was along a 60 meter drop off cliff. To your right you saw spectaclar coral and fish and to the left was a long way down to the ocean floor. After our first swim we had a box lunch and rest in advance of round two. The second swim was over an area called the coral garden and was equally as spectacular. Some of the sea life we encountered were grouper, tuna, squid and aggressive triggerfish--over 1000 varieties of fish so we were told by our guide. We would have LOVED to have filmed some of the amazing sea life, however, Trish's GoPro was in Whistler and David and Sunny's was out of juice--for this ONE main outing, what losers!! Trish has had the opportunity of snorkling all over the world and she said this was the best she had ever experienced. It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

The following day, we made the 4.5 hour drive back south, this time to Jimbaran. We decided to book into the Ayana Hotel, the home of The Rock Bar. Since we missed going for a drink on our last visit there, we thought this would be the perfect end to David's trip and to experience this with Trish, too. It is a must see destination before you die! We lounged by the adult infinity pool overlooking the Indian Ocean with its waves crashing just below us all afternoon Yes, it was the best way to prepare for our afternoon drinks at The famed Rock Bar. It most definitely did not disappoint! After a couple of drinks, we had dinner at one of the many restaurants in the resort.

For David's last day, he and Trish were up at the crack of dawn practicing yoga in a gazebo overlooking the ocean. They had their own private yoga instructor to make this experience even more memorable.

So now, we are all at the Ngurag Rai airport, david at the international terminal boarding a flight to Taipei enroute to Vancouver and Trish and Sunny in the domestic terminal boarding a flight to Makassar, Sulawesi.

Stay tuned for more travel adventures from Sulawesi!!

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