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Light Saturday morning traffic driving past the famous St. Louis Arch

Overcast skies kept the morning sun from blinding us

By driving I-70 E on Saturday we avoided most construction bottlenecks

Crossing the Mississippi River leaving St. Louis

Saturday, 28-June – St. Louis, MO to home

Route taken: I-70 E

Average Gas mileage: 28.0 mpg

Weather: overcast

Elevation: no longer important in the 'flatland'


- no construction delays

- arriving home in time to unpack the car

Our decision to stop on the west side of St. Louis last night was a good one. Early Saturday morning traffic through St. Louis was light so we were not delayed at the construction bottlenecks. We were also lucky to have overcast skies in the morning to keep the eastern sun out of our eyes.

Driving I-70 east for 602 miles was not scenic. Instead of sightseeing we used the time to ease ourselves back into the world by listening to news broadcasts from Indianapolis, Indiana and Columbus, Ohio. While driving through Indianapolis we actually had to turn off the radio. This was not the easy-going driving of Colorado desert highways. Going 75mph with Dale Earnhardt wannabes on all sides of us required total concentration by both of us -- yet another skill to resurrect in order to join life in a fast-paced "civilization" again.

From our driveway we could only see twilight profiles of the massive weeds we would have to tackle tomorrow. It was good to be home!

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