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Big Ram at Wagin

Tin Horse Highway - Kulin

Tin Horse Highway - Kulin

Tin Horse Highway - Kulin

Tin Horse Highway - Kulin

Tin Horse Highway - Kulin

Tin Horse Highway - Kulin

Buckley's Breakaway

Sculptures at Hyden

Wave Rock Caravan Park fence at Hyden

Di on Wave Rock

Pete on Wave Rock

Di on top of Wave Rock

Man made barrier to catch rain water on Wave Rock

Pete being a boy

Pete saw a hole and had to sit in it

Pete in Hippo's Yawn

After leaving Margaret River we travelled in a north east direction for over 400 km going through many small towns of the wheat-belt. The landscape changed from well vegetated to open plains with wheat growing and sheep grazing, it all looked rather dry, we also noticed the temperature rising and our little fridge wasn't coping too well.

We stopped at Wagin to look at their Big Ram and when I was taking a photo of it these boys playing nearby told me that their grandfather helped build it. I told them to tell him for me that I thought it was very impressive.

We finally got to our destination for the night, a RV friendly park in Kulin about 85 km from Wave Rock. This time the RV friendly spot was a dedicated area and was pretty good, we spoke to a lady who just happened to work at the tourist information centre and she was very informative. We had no trouble that night from the locals, in fact the town was like a ghost town.

Kulin is located on the 'Tin Horse Highway' which I was looking forward to seeing so the next morning we set off and from the pictures I took you'll realise we thoroughly enjoyed the journey. We couldn't possibly stop at every horse and take a photo as there were so many. Apparently one farmer built a horse and then it was on for young and old as they tried to out do each other, anyway the result is a very interesting drive along the highway.

After looking at all the horses we took a detour to visit Buckley's Breakaway, rock formations exposed over time. They were pretty good but we were expecting much more after hearing about them from a couple at the RV camp the previous night. I think we were spoilt by the rock formations we saw at Barn Hill Station. The same couple said they were very disappointed with Wave Rock so I was a bit worried.

When we arrived in Hyden it was very hot so we set up camp and waited until around 6pm to explore. The temperature had dropped a bit so off we set on our walk and before we know it Wave Rock was in front of us, in fact its located just over the back fence of the caravan park so we found out. Anyway we were not disappointed, it's amazing how it does look like a large wave, very impressive.

We went for a walk up onto the escapement above Wave Rock which has a barrier around the edge to catch the rain water and channel it into a nearby dam, it's pretty amazing. The view of the surrounding landscape was pretty impressive. We followed the track markers and had a choose between a steep descend or to use the stairs. We went down the steep route. There's definitely no OHS out in these parts. There was a track through the bush to another rock formation called 'Hippos Yawn' and we thought that was pretty good also. We got our exercise for the day and really enjoyed ourselves.

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