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I'm told a big animal lives with a couple in this RV

It's Ziggy, the pig! (owner carrying its poop?)

going home after a long walk

I went to Larry & Penny Thompson Campground to visit old friends that I used to camp with over the winter months.

Mary and Harold are the couple who let me work some balloon flights and then have the opportunity to fly in a balloon over the Redlands outside of Miami and I will never forget that experience! Harold had to sell his balloon, basket, and van used to transport them because of his cancer, but he is still enjoying life each day.

While walking around the pods of the campground, we stopped to see Phyllis, Rae and Bob, Frances and Leon. They seemed surprised and happy to see me, and that made me feel good.

But then came a big surprise that makes everyone turn their head in disbelief. Mary had posted on Facebook a month or so ago a picture of a huge service animal in the park. Can you imagine a pig being a service animal? Jeanne later told me it could be being used to calm a nervous person or maybe it can tell when a seizure or fit is about to occur. In any case, it was quite the sight and seems inconceivable that people can live in an RV with such a big animal.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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