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Drove up to Plano, TX Christmas eve day to spend some time with Dan's cousin Georges and his wife Gail. Dan hadn't seen Georges is many years and I never met him or his wife, we didn't know what to expect. It turned out to be such a fun time together. Dan and Georges had a great time reminiscing about old family times together and we both got to know Gail.

Gail is from Mississippi and Georges from Canada. Talk about a wide range of accents.

We arrived in time for a wonderful home cooked meal.

Christmas morning we had a healthy brunch and then went for a long walk with their dog Schotze at a nearby park.

In the afternoon we went to the movies to see Wild in completion this time. We all enjoyed it a lot.

That night Dan & I called the family in Ottawa. It was fun catching up with everyone.

The next day Gail took us to pick up her horse Thunder who had been away for a month of training. When we got to the stable Gail took us into the arena to show us what Thunder had learned. A new gait, some side stepping and the neatest trick was parking. Parking is where the horse spreads is front legs further away from his hind legs so his body is closer to the ground and easier to get on and off of him.

Way Cool!!!

After Gail rode him she offered Dan a ride. He hadn't been on a horse in over 40 years. He looked like a natural.

Then it was my turn to climb on Thunder. I've always been some what afraid of horses.

But I climbed on him and Gail walked me around a bit.

Good for a picture, but not much to be proud of.

That night we went to a wonderful mexican restaurant and then Georges drove us around a really wealthy neighborhood to check out the Christmas lights. These houses were mansions and they were decorated to the top..

Lots of fun and laughs were had together.

The next day we had another healthy breakfast together and then some difficult goodbyes were said. We hope to meet up a lot sooner this time.

Drove back to Willis and spent one more night there.

Met a really nice couple from the state of Washington, Everette & Donna.

They gave us lots of awesome tips and some gifts. They have been RVing for many years and have decided to sell their RV and head back home. We hope to meet up with them when we visit WA.

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