Tasmania 2014 travel blog

Low Head Pilot Station

Penguins at Low Head

Today we started with a tour of the Boags Brewery, breweries seem to be the one thing in Australia the Chinese don't own, yet, but probably only because the Japanese got there first. Boags, Cascade, Little Creatures and the list goes on all owned by Lion Nathan. We finished the tour with a beer and cheese tasting. The tour was a means to the end.

We then headed north to George Town and then Low Head. Nice quaint maritime village. Dinner at the local pub with stunning views of the bay then off to see the fairy penguins. We were lucky tonight could not have got a better night to see the little furry creatures, warm and still, no wind which seams to be rare in Tassie. Saw lots of penguins as they walked almost over our feet.

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