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Hainese chicken and rice in Singapore

David and his Sling @ the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel

The main pool where David swam his laps each morning

Satay sat Bumbu Bali restaurant

Bali National Golf Course

Three women working on David

Fish "exfoliation"

Temple in Uluwatu where we watched the Balinese dance

The dance

The actors

Since our arrival into Bali, our activity level has certainly dropped due to the heat and humidity. Thank God for the many pools by our hotel. David has been swimming laps every morning when it is still quiet around the pool. This resort is definitely family friendly so it's been quite fun watching all the kids play in the pools...and most entertaining watching the tired parents keeping an eye of each kid!

We have explored the areas of Tanjung Beneo, where we've been staying, and nearby Nusa Dua. This area primarily consists of resorts as they are situated along a peninsula with sand and a reef to permit safer swimming. It is located on the east side of the southern part of Bali and is more popular with families as it is much quieter than the west side of this part of Bali like Kuta and Seminyak. So far, we've only eaten once at the hotel since one thing we really want to do was at least feast on local fare while we are here. Most of the resort restaurants around here focus on Western dishes., something we want to get away from on this trip.

Early on in our stay here, we found one amazing restaurant called Bumbu Bali. They were highly rated in Trip Advisor so seemed to be a good place to start. The food was awesome and authentic Balinese! Since then we've found a few other restaurants where we've had more traditional food and just last night, we had an awesome Indian dinner. We plan to return to Bunba Bali for our Christmas dinner. No, there will not be any turkey on the menu.

Some other activities we've indulged in have been massages by the beach and feet spa treatment with little fish nibbling at your toes, which we were told was actually "exfoliating" our skin...yum yum for those fishes!

Of course, how could we visit this part of the world without checking out the local golfcourse. The one located in Nusa dua is called the Bali National Golf Course. It looked quite amazing but they would have to pay US to play! Even with a cart, it would seem exhausting to play 18 holes in this weather--definitely need a few Bitang beers to cool down at the 19th hole.

For some of you who have visited Bali in the past, you most likely would have experienced their genuine sense of hospitality. They are very gentle and friendly people. We found that a smile and good morning or " salamath pagi" were quite common every where we went. The island of Bali consists of 85% Hindu with the remaining 15% Muslim. To them, Christmas is just another day but everywhere we went, Christmas trees and decoratiions were displayed everywhere...no Santa Claus' though.

Since the bombing years ago in Kuta, security has also quite a priority for them as all vehicles are checked by guards before admittance to every hotel. It does make you feel safer but honestly, we have not felt threatened in any way while here unless you want to risk your life by riding a motorbike in this area. They obviously drive by a local code because we could not detect any real rules adherence except that "generally" they drive on the left hand side of the road.

We witnessed this first hand last night we got driven to a small town called Uluwatu, almost the southern tip of Bali. We were going to a temple to watch a Balinese dance performed atop a cliff during sunset. It was spectacular...thank you Daniel for this recommendation.

Today is Christmas Eve here so we're heading off to the Rock Bar in Jimaran for some festive beverages! If we don't get in another entry until after Christmas, then we wish to send you our love for the very merriest Christmas blessings to you and your families.

David and Sunny


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