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Cattail Marsh

Bob & Kathy at the Fish Pond Restaurant

Dan & Kevin

Arrived in Beaumont, Texas. Took a couple of hours to get there so we had plenty of the day left to explore. Took a ride down the street to a loch system that held back the salt water from the fresh water. Walked around a bit and then drove to the Cattail Marsh. A large marsh where thousands of varieties of birds stop while they travel from the South seeking warmer weather.

We walked took a long stroll around the marsh.

Then we drove into the center of the Port of Beaumont, saw many large container ships and large Ocean going vessels.

Left the next day and drove to Willis to see Bob and Kathy whom we haven't seen for a really long time. I met them in summer camp as a teenager. We kept in touch over the years but distance kept us apart.

Had a wonderful visit with Bob & Kathy. They took us around Willis and we had some incredible meals together. Introduced us to some real Texas barbeque. Super Yummy!

We also met a couple of times at the Fish Pond restaurant at our campground for awesome breakfasts. They make the best bisquits.

Our second day in Willis we took a trip to Houston to pick up a supplemental braking system for our Jeep. We combined it with a visit to Kevin in Katy. Dan used to work with Kevin at PSNH. Had an awesome visit with him. We went to his house because he was waiting for a few deliveries of early Christmas presents he bought for himself. When we first arrived the 55 inch flat screen TV showed up. Dan was able to help him install it.

Then an hour later his living room set arrived, couch, love seat, chair with ottoman.

We chuckled about it all. Told Kevin we'll come again when he buys himself some new things.

Had some really good pizza with him. Much better than NH pizza..

We had the tow equipment installed on our new car while we were in Willis.

Went to the movies to see Wild with Bob and Kathy, the movie projector cut out and we had to leave about 1/3 into the movie, so we snuck into see Night at the Museum.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't the best in Willis, so we weren't able to do our favorite outdoor activities.

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