Southern Caribbean 2014 travel blog


first sight of the Pitons from my cabin window


from the Lido deck3





looking forward

ships wake


St Lucia


runway no planes ??



tug boat standing by



in the harbor

here comes another cruise ship





Carnival also owns this one


the harbor







rain forest

blue bags around the Banana's

Marigot Bay












twin Pitons, Petit Piton 2438 ft and Gros Piton 2618 ft






Toraille waterfalls










Choc beach


Rat island





pilot boat





heading out

just monkeying around


Up at 5:30 looked out my cabin window and saw we were just passing the tip of St Lucia where the twin pitons are located took a couple pictures from my cabin then hurried up on deck for better pictures was great seeing them as we headed on to the port of Castries. Got a cup of coffee and a couple rolls as I head back up to the top deck to watch as we come in to the port. As we come into port we past the the runway for the airport just glad no planes were landing or taking off check out the pictures, lol. We were at the dock at 7:30 then I watched as another cruise ship came into port then it was off for breakfast and to get ready for another day of exploring a new island. Was on the dock at 8:00 got a van with two other couples and off for a drive down the coast to see the twin Pitons up closer, as we head there we go through a couple small fishing villages, and past the rain forest, got some great pictures of the pitons then we are off to the Toraille waterfalls at near Soufriere was early in the day so we were the only people there great. Then back along the coast to Choc Bay and to spend a couple hours on the beach, water was great nice and warm with a few small waves coming in. Picked up a few shells and stones and small container of sand, then our tour driver came back and picked us up heading back to the ship with a short stop at the bank to get some money from the island. Back on board the ship around 3:30 so plenty of time to spare, again the time to be back on board is 4:30 as we sail at 5:00, today we are a little late in getting underway as we had to off load a lady and and her family due to a medical problem, got underway at 5:15 head out to sea and on to the next port of St Kitts. Down for dinner this time had a bigger table for six, two couple and another single none from Texas tonight, lol It was another dress up night so was in dress shirt and jacket. Another great show in the Ivanhoe theater, few beers and more night life on the ship haha and off to my cabin tonight there was a monkey hanging from the lights.

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