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Along I-70 down to State Hwy 89 to Hatch


What is this ?

San Rafael Reef


Highway goes through the reef

Going through the reef now







Goblin Valley Panorama


Another pinnacle

Beautiful red and white layers




Fishlake National forest

Mopunt Terrell 11,547 feet






This boulder has a face











Piute Reservoir

Junction, Utah


Farming in the valley

Panquitch, Utah

Our destination

Our campsite

My cousin's "street", behind Bryce Canyon

John & Karen's log house

One of their neighbors

John and Karen

John and silly Cheryl

We headed down to Hatch, Utah today. We’ll be stopping to visit Cheryl’s cousin John & Karen again. John's daughter-in-law found Cheryl on last year while working on their family genealogy.

We were traveling from 4,000 feet up to over 8,000 up and back down in altitude. Soon after leaving Green river, as we were descending, we could see sharp peaks ahead angled upward looking like a row of teeth. This was the San Rafael Reef (There is also Capitol Reef National Park in Utah). The highway turned a little and then went through the reef. The scenery got really interesting after that. Erosion created buttes, pinnacles, ridges and spires.

The Reef looks from the east like a series of sloping, triangular teeth. The bulk of the reef is a layer of white Navajo Sandstone, with smaller triangles of Carmel formation at the bottom. The San Rafael Swell is a geologists paradise. More than 70 million years old, the San Rafael Swell shows how wind, water and changes from beneath the earth can shape a landscape.

Here is some more information About San Rafael Reef.

And here is a video of The San Rafael Swell Geology.

And also about the hiking trails in Black Dragon Wash in the San Rafael Swell.

We went past Goblin Valley with REALLY strange rock formations. I pulled a panorama picture off the internet to show you how amazing it is.

And don't forget to Visit Goblin Valley. We definately need to go back to this place.

Then we turned off Hwy 70 to State Hwy 89 towards Hatch. Again more and more gorgeous scenery. I think Utah is the prettiest state with all the red and white rock formations. We started seeing more ranch and farmland after Junction Utah. We stopped in Panquitch for lunch at Henrie’s Drive In Diner, recommended on Yelp.

We arrived in Hatch, which is 6,927’ in altitude, and found our Motel/RV Park. Plenty of room in the pull throughs.

Later, after they got home from work, we went to John & Karen’s for dinner and a wonderful visit.

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